Subprime Lender

Do you have low credit customers that you just haven't been able to put in a car recently? Call them back in and lets get them financed and driving out the door! Customers with FICO as low as 470 have to meet only a few parameters to be approved with our Subprime Lender. When a "clean package" is submitted it will be funded within 48 hours (depending on when your bank gives you credit for the transaction).

Our staff was certified and trained with this lender and we're confident it can make a difference in your business. Local dealers are already jumping all over this opportunity stating that they've turned away many customers in the past year that they could have gotten financed with this lender!

Get your finance department signed up so you're ready to go. See the rate sheet below and contact Jennifer Otto at 800-248-4258 x101 or using the Contact Us form for all the details on this up and coming lender!

Franchise Dealers

All guidelines subject to approval with flexible structure based on credit worthiness and tier

FICO Range
400 - 680 (0 scores considered)
Minimum Income $2,000 verifiable income
Max PTI Up to 20%
Dealer Flat 2-5% of front end - Paid on every deal (Not subject to charge back)
7.95% (as low as)
Down Payment $0 (as low as)
Acquisition Fee
$0 (as low as)
Max all-in LTV 130%
Line 3 Advance 125%*
Max Term 72 months (subject to mileage)
Contract Fee
Max Vehicle Age Up to 12 years old
Max Mileage 150,000
Max Loan Size $45,000
Min Loan Size $7,000
Max GAP $1000** (Subject to state regulations & limits).  LTV > 90%
Max Service Contract

Back End  Warranty and GAP Offered on Every Deal
Warranty: $2,500 & GAP: $900

  NADA Clean Trade
NADA: utilized in all states except as listed below for KBB

Kelly Blue Book Wholesale

**Subject to federal and state regulations
Approvals are good for 30 days from original application date

Titles – No Salvage, No Frame or Unibody Damage per AutoCheck, no Buybacks (Lemon Law), No Weather Damaged Vehicles

Ineligible Vehicles – Electric Vehicles, Grey Market, Modified or Commercial Vehicles, Discontinued Vehicles, Smart Cars, Cars for Hire: Taxis, Limos, Uber, Lyft