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Maximize Compliance, Consumer Satisfaction, and Profits!

Galt Enterprises, Inc.´s F&I OnlineSM is the easiest and fastest method to quote, sell, and issue F&I products to increase Consumer Satisfaction & Profits.

F&I OnlineSM Benefits

Compliance and Litigation Mitigation – F&I OnlineSM enables your finance managers to quickly and easily provide each customer with a complete menu based presentation which ensures that all customers receive information about available F&I Products consistently and which will help reduce the risk of lawsuits, regulatory fines, and negative publicity.

Increased Profits – F&I OnlineSM produces fast, flexible, and professional selling menus. Menu based selling is proven to increase back-end profits by up to 50% by guaranteeing that every product is presented to every customer every time with the most highly effective and friendly sales technique known.

Increased Consumer Satisfaction – Presenting every customer with the highly effective and friendly menu based presentation method delivers the highest possible customer satisfaction while reducing product cancellation, complaints, and lawsuits.

Reduces Paperwork and Saves Time - Simply input basic customer and vehicle information to quickly produce selling menus including Extended Service Contracts, GAP, Credit Life, and Tire & Wheel Protection. On-screen or printed menus allow for quick changes to product rates and terms.

How to move ahead

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